Six Steps to Having Your First Orgasm

Are you one of the millions of women who have never had an orgasm? Try these tips to help you reach orgasmic bliss.

nokta sex shop 1. Go solo.
A partner will only add pressure, and that’s the last thing you need when you’re trying to understand what turns you on. Once you’ve learned how to please yourself, you can invite your partner to join you for a lesson in love.
2. Clear your head.
The biggest sex organ you have is your brain, so make sure you’re in the right frame of mind for ultimate pleasure! Find a time when you can be free from distractions like work or kids. Prepare your mind by doing something that makes you feel relaxed and sexy, like taking a bubble bath. 
3. Explore. 
Your hot spots might be traditional erogenous zones like nipples, or they could be someplace you never considered, like the outer edges of your ears. The only way to find out is to touch yourself. Gently run your hands all over your body. Whenever you find a spot that feels especially good, stop there and play for a while. Use a lubricant to help your fingers glide effortlessly.
4. Tense up. 
Hold on … I thought I was supposed to relax! Yes, relaxing your mind is a great first step to help you become more aroused. But physically tensing your muscles in and near your pelvis will increase blood flow to that area, which is essential for an orgasm. Try squeezing and releasing the muscles in your abs, butt, legs, and pelvic floor. 
5. Try the right tools. 
There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help on your way to the big O! An enhancement cream, when applied to the clitoris, delivers a cool, tingling feeling that makes every touch more shiver-inducing. Combined with a vibrating bullet, this can lead to explosive sensations!
6. Be patient. 
Even if your best efforts don’t lead you to orgasm the first time, don’t give up! Keep trying new techniques, keep exploring your body, and keep learning what feels best to you. If you still don’t experience orgasm after multiple tries, contact your healthcare provider for advice on reaching the big O.